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 BRRR!!! We’ve already had enough of the polar vortex cramping our prana … Aside from getting away for a balmy beach vacation, there’s not much more to do than ride it out … so, why not do it with us…? =D

Sunday February 17th – DeepBeats // Deep House Yoga @ House of Yes
BOOM! Jen Diaz takes a break from her hot room classes at Sweat NYC and Pure Yoga to bring you some much-needed heat this weekend at House of Yes! Our tasty snack partners Monfefo and RX Bar will be back with some flavors to nourish your body and spirit – and as always, your devoted DeepBeats DJ George Faya will serve up the beats! Score your spot now!

Can’t make it this weekend? How’s your schedule looking in March?

April 20th – 27th – DeepBeats // Deep House Yoga in India
A trip to India is a life-changing experience, so we’ve teamed up with the Lucky Lalita team to bring you a trip that will allow you to explore India while practicing yoga and deepening your connection to yourself. Whether you’ve been practicing yoga for years and want to intensify your connection to its roots, or you’re newer to yoga but want to understand its magic – this trip is for you! Spring Cooper will lead your through your daily practice, with afternoon classes soundtracked by DeepBeats’ resident DJ George Faya! More info here!